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Soccer Scholarship Essay 2

My full name is Elizabeth Mason Godwin but I go by Libby. I have grown up living with my parents Barry and Nancy Godwin in Traverse City. I went to Willow Hill Elementary School where my love for sports started. I started playing soccer in fifth grade when my friend Carrie invited me to one of her practices to see what it was like. They let me play with the team that day and I fell in love! I immediately signed up and joined the YMCA team. I continued to play for the YMCA until I was in the seventh grade and moved up to TBAYS. I joined a rec team with a couple of my friends who also played soccer. We practiced twice a week in the spring and fall and had games every weekend. We also attended tournaments in the summer. My favorite was always the Canton Invitational down in Canton, Michigan. Besides loving to play the games that we had all weekend, I loved hanging out and meeting all of the other kids that had my same interest....SOCCER! i was on another TBAYS rec team with some friends in eighth grade but then in ninth grade it was time to try out for the big shebang...the high school team. I was fortunate to make the Varsity team at Traverse City West Senior High as a freshman. Since my freshman year I have played on the team every spring and now am currently a co- captain in my senior year. Through the high school team I have learned so much about soccer, the meaning of team, and friendship. Besides loving to play soccer I also enjoy hobbies such as tennis, snowboarding, sailing, photography and reading. I really enjoy outdoor activities. In ninth and tenth grade I went on a trip with my youth group to Pennsylvania where we went white water rafting both years. I found that experience incredible and can't wait to go again someday soon.

My future plans are to graduate this year from West Senior High and to spend another summer at our cottage on Torch Lake where I am planning on being a nanny for some friends of our family. My best friend Carrie (the one who initially got me into soccer) and I also are currently planning a road trip for the end of summer before we both go off to school.
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