Soccer Legends

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Basic soccer rules: The basic rules of soccer begin with the fact that you are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands at all, unless you are the goalkeeper. Outfield players are allowed to use any part of their body, feet, thigh, chest, and head. The keeper is also allowed any part of his body including his hands. Another thing that the keeper can do is only touch the ball with his hand as long as he is in the 18-yard box. On each team there must be 11 players (10 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper). This changes for youth teams, and futsal. Another rule is that each team is permitted 3 substitutions throughout the game unless again it is for younger ages, and if it is a friendly game. In addition, the team that wants to make a substitute can only make one when they have ball possession (when the ball is out of play). Out of play counts as, goal kick or corner, throw in, offside, and a foul or free kick. The game starts when each team is on its half of the field, the goalkeepers are ready, and the referee blows the whistle. When the referee blows the whistle the team that is in the center circle starts. The team that starts is decided before the game begins. When the game begins the team passes the ball to the second half of the field to his teammate who is next to him in the center circle. Soccer legends in Europe: There are many soccer legends in Europe, and two of the greatest recent ones are Thierry Henry and David Beckham. Thierry Henry: He is one of the most current legends still playing soccer, and he is just 36 years old. He was born in Paris, France in 1977. Thierry Henry has been one of the greatest forwards to play the game (soccer). He has played for two top clubs in Europe Arsenal and Barcelona. He is now ... ... middle of paper ... ...ract for Galatasaray in Turkey. Drogba also plays and is the captain for his national team Ivory Coast. Drogba’s biggest moment in Chelsea was his last appearance for them in the Champions League where he had scored the goal that had brought Chelsea the trophy. Although he played for top teams like Chelsea and Galatasaray, he began his professional career with Le Mans, Guingamp, and Marseille. The time he played for Marseille put him in an athletic state that made him favorable to many clubs, and the team that signed him in 2006 was Chelsea. His best season was his third when he had received the Golden Boot Award after scoring 33 goals and winning the League Cup, and the FA Cup. Drogba is an amazing striker and legend that will be remembered throughout each and every country in the world. How to become a soccer player or even a legend: Practice! Practice! Practice!

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