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Hundreds of millions of people around the world play or watch soccer. There are more than one hundred and fifty professional leagues in the world for soccer. While America has one major soccer league in the country Europe has a handful. Soccer is becoming more popular in America, but is far from having the popularity similar to overseas. Soccer has progressed in America from the North American Soccer League to Major League Soccer. The fact is, soccer overseas has had more time to grow and develop. In time, the MLS can become a powerhouse for soccer in the world alongside the premier leagues.Eventually, the MLS will compete with the pace, shots, and skills observed on and off the ball.
As mentioned, soccer is the most popular sport on earth and has a rich history. There is evidence that a couple thousand years ago, people were playing a game similar to soccer. The modern game, played today in America, was not developed until 1863 when the original rules of no tripping and no hand balls were developed. The game started in the public school grounds of England but the basics of kicking a ball around were found in a Chinese military instruction piece estimated second or third BC. The form of football was called, “Tsu Chu”. Tsu Chu had the original concept of kicking a ball through a target, but while the soldier was being attacked by his fellow soldiers. During the Han Dynasty, the ball was made of leather and filled with feathers and the use of hands was not permitted “FIFA”.
Unlike Tsu Chu, players in the Japanese game of Kemari, do not pressure the player with the ball, but instead work together. Kemari is played in a small circle of participants passing the ball around without the ball hitting the ground. Other types of footb...

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...oth conferences. The rest of the teams left play a set of two games and determine the winner based on the scoring from both games. After the conference semi-finals and conference championships, the MLS Cup is played between two teams and one game. The MLS Cup is played like any other game, but played through extra time and if needed penalty kicks are played to determine a champion. No matter the score of the game or the teams involved fans always fill the stadium. “MLS”.

Fan support is common throughout soccer, no matter the league or team. Soccer fans go a bit farther than any other fans. Teams and players usually show support to their fans, but the fans of soccer give that support right back. This method of support is called, “Tifo”, translated from Italian meaning phenomenon of supporting a sport team. Tifo’s are most common during significant matches that can

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that a similar contract for nbc sports network for $250,000,000 will leave out the fox channels and espn for games. the mls is lacking prestigious players to reach this number of fans.
  • Compares the performances of the us and spain's national teams.
  • Explains that soccer is becoming more popular in america, but is far from having the popularity similar to overseas.
  • Explains that the tournaments and cups vary from the fifa world cup to the uefa champions league.
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