Sober Living Homes Research Paper

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Once someone has completed detox and rehab, sober living homes might be the next option. These are group homes that help people in recovery. They have certain rules and requirements. The biggest requirement is to stay sober. With the support of fellow housemates, clients can stay sober and transition back to normal life.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

During treatment, individuals typically start with detox. After detox, they receive different therapy options during rehab. Once they finish rehab, the individual has to transition back to normal life. For many people, sober living homes help with this transition.

This aftercare program is different than a rehab center. In a sober living home, individuals have freedom to come and go when they need to. They just have to follow …show more content…

Residents typically have to return at a set time each night. They may have to do certain chores, find work and respect house members.

Sober living homes are ideal for individuals who have a history of relapses. It helps support people who have other mental or physical disorders. In sober living environments, individuals receive an added layer of support as they transition back to normal life.

Finding the Right Treatment Program

In many cases, clients will start with a detox program. This first step helps the client to cleanse their body of drugs and alcohol. Afterward, clients may get help through individual therapy, nutritional support, dual diagnosis treatment or other options. Once the client finishes rehab, a sober living environment can support their long-term recovery.

If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction, you do not have to go through it alone. The right treatment program can help you find the detox, rehab and transitional options you need. With help, you can start your journey toward a healthy, happy recovery. To find out how Beaches Recovery can help, call us today at

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