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We arrived at the Crimson Train Station. It was the only way to get to the Palace because it was on a separate island. That was really the only reason for it being opened. The Queen designed it herself. The everything was red. It was like a massacre had occurred and forever stained the rooms. The back of the seats were shaped as hearts. Even the sky was matching its theme. The sun was almost gone from the horizon. The Flamingo screamed, "We missed the train, yes, we did!" I coughed a few times, unconcerned. Frogman panicked, "What are we going to do?! The Queen will have our heads!" "Stop running around! We'll just get 'em on the next train, alright?" Footman stopped them. They talked about us like we weren't even there. What an annoyance to me it was. I spoke up simply to be noticed, "The next train is at dawn tomorrow. Trains can't afford to run at night in fear of calamity. We'll have to sleep here tonight." The Flamingo and Frogman groaned. Footman sighed, "Fine, go find a place to sleep, you two. We'll go get the tickets before the booths close." We nodded and walked away from them. We sat in two of the nearby chairs. You know, we aren't too far from.... I trailed off. I glanced over at Ciel. But would he want to? Because my arrogance outweighs every other rational thinking in my body, I asked him, "How about we go somewhere, mate?" "What? No, we're supposed to stay here," he denied. "Oh, who cares? This might be our last day of freedom… or living. We deserve one last adventure, yeah?" I asked, bouncing up and down in my seat excitedly. He hesitated, "Where would we be going?" I smirked, "That's a secret! But I swear, it isn't anything dangerous. I think you'll really like it. Plus, it isn't far f... ... middle of paper ... ...u know is here, yeah? It isn't much different from London," I coaxed. "I'm not staying here, Alice," he finalized. I replied, "And I'm not leaving." He wondered, "Then, what do we do?" I turned away from him so he wouldn't see the tear slip down my cheek. "Carry on with the original plan, I suppose. I'm so sorry, mate. I should have kept my mouth shut," I apologized, hanging my head slightly. "Don't be. It isn't your fault," he told me. I had a hard time believing that. My confidence had gotten the best of me. I had hoped he would do anything he could to stay with me. I was wrong, though. Maybe he cared, but not enough. He cared more for something else. His revenge. Instead of saying that, though, I looked over my shoulder at him. He looked so guilty and depressed. I gave him my best smile and acted as my energetic self. "Let's get a move on, yeah?"
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