Snowden's Revelations: ECPA & USA Freedom Acts

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Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency(NSA) leaked affair brought attention to American Citizens causing many arguments. Some argue they trust their government and wouldn’t change a thing about being monitored while others argue that their privacy being invaded is unconstitutional, and as a society living in surveillance, Americans need to reform the ECPA Act, and tell Congress to pass The USA Freedom Act. Snowden's leaks provided the people with important information proving The NSA was and still is collecting and storing massive amounts of data on billions of innocent U.S Citizens without warrants or probable cause to help keep the people safe from foreign and domestic enemies. It is believed to be one of the biggest leaks in history of government information. Most societies already lives in constant surveillance outside of their homes. There are cameras watching people most everywhere they go. Schools, shopping malls, and the streets they walk and drive on. In a technological age while living in surveillance, getting any kind of privacy is difficult for a citizen. Privacy is what a person does while thinking that no other person but them is watching or listening, but a moment believed as private is known as an illusion. In the United States, privacy and freedom is a huge part of the people's rights being that the United States is based on Democracy which is liberty, equality and justice for all. Being monitored without knowledge to this extent leaves privacy and freedom in the dust. “In a democracy, the people are sovereign—they are the highest form of political authority” (Diamond, 2004) Most importantly, U.S Citizen's fourth amendment provided under the U.S constitution protects the people's privacy from being invaded. H... ... middle of paper ... ...October 13). Senate panel approves bill to continue NSA surveillance. Computerworld. Retrieved April 28, 2014, from /s/article/9243730/Senate_panel_approves_bill_to_continue_NSA_surveillance LEE, J. (2014, March 20). TED2014: NSA responds to Edward Snowden's video talk . . Retrieved May 27, 2014, from Scaringi, M. (2013, October 31). NSA snooping violates our founding principles: Marc A. Scaringi. . Retrieved May 27, 2014, from Vespa, M. (2013, December 19). NSA Official: 'We Are Now a Police State'. CNS News. Retrieved May 26, 2014, from we-are- now-police-state

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