Snow Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson

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Discrimination born of hysterical classism, misjudgement toward disabled citizens, and the infectious racism are several of the infinite cause and effects for the creation of war and disfigurement of one’s definition of love. Follow this path of history and the analysis behind the novel Snow Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson, to unearth one’s judicious elimination of the burgeoning virus of prejudice.

Classism finds its way through history, is studied through literature, and provides consequences thoroughly in countless examples of things like appearance and wealth which play a part in how one is judged. Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson sheds light on the level of veracity behind classism during the mid century where he confirms, with glorious fiction, an impression that society suffers under cruel economic distinctions and vast discrepancies in terms of physical attractiveness. Carl Heine is a character who undoubtedly set the standards for excellence, he was “an extraordinary specimen of manhood” (Guterson 50). These compliments were spoken toward Carl by Horace Whaley, the town’s coroner. Horace has his moment of resentment toward himself at the time of Carl’s autopsy in the novel, he “felt a familiar envy stirring and despite himself noted the girth and heft of Carl Heine’s sexual organs” (Guterson 50). Carl’s class of excellence gave him an advantage for acquiring love, friendships and successful employment. Even in today’s society, attractive people may have that extra quality that another is lacking; a better job means a classier home and car. The novel evokes a sense of personal shame riding on one’s self confidence when comparing the social acceptance of one to another person, perhaps a person who was walk...

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