Smuggling in the Asia-Pacific Region

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At the present, the phenomenon of people smuggling is a vital issue in the globalization. The impact of smuggling in people is not restricted in one country but it causes a variety of impacts. Most developed countries often suffering from the issue of people smuggling For example, in 2001, around 43,000 illegal migrants from both Pakistanis and Afghans resided in the UK, US economy has suffered from the rising number of illegal migrants from Mexican approximately 11 million during 2006. Moreover, people smuggling not only provide a matter of illegal migrant but also it leads to the link between smuggling and serious crime as dual crimes such as in 2000, international organized crime group was captured with the charge of drug trafficking and making false visas, Dutch police believed that those visas would facilitate drug traffickers to enter other countries illegally. Further, a wide impact of people smuggling gives a difficult task for internationalization to cope with people smuggling efficiently. It is necessary to understand and adapt the definition of people smuggling which is defined under the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air states that “The Procurement, in order to obtain, directly or indirectly a financial or other material benefit, of the illegal entry of a person into a state Party of which the person is not a national or a permanent resident.” It can be explained that the process of people smuggling is often appeared with the meaning of ‘illegal migrants’ via the main two components; ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘refugees’, because of these two groups play a significant role in globalization over 16 millions combining with 15.2 refugees and 983,000 asylum seekers at the end of 2009. Further... ... middle of paper ..., Forced Migration and Terrorism’ (2004) 16(3) Global Change, Peace & Security Schloenhardt, Andreas, ‘Illegal Migration and Migrant Smuggling in the Asia-Pacific: Balancing Regional Security and Human Rights’ in MG Curley & W Siu-Lun (eds), Security and Migration in Asia: The Dynamics of Securitisation (Routledge 2008) Schloenhardt, Andreas, ‘Trafficking in Migrants: Illegal Migration and Organized Crime in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region’ (2001) 29(4) International Journal of the Sociology of Law Smith, Stephen, ‘Bordering on the Fake’, Z Net, 29 July 2004, Tailby, Rebecca, ‘Organised Crime and People Smuggling/Trafficking to Australia’ (2001) 208 Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice ‘The Legal Loophole of Refugee Smuggling’, Tempo (Jakarta), 19 November 2001
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