Smoking in restaurants, bars and pubs should be banned in Slovakia

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Smoking in restaurants, bars and pubs should be banned in Slovakia
Smoking. Annoying habit that interferes with nonsmokers and smokers themselves too often. For centuries people around the world are subject to it, regardless of age, gender or race. Some smoke because they consider it to be modern, to fit into some games and some because it calms them down. The most often we get in touch with cigarettes is in restaurants, bars and pubs, and therefore as a non-smoker I personally think, and I will show you that smoking in these areas should definitely be banned.
Concentration of tobacco smoke in establishments of this type is extremely high, since all piled in small enclosed spaces. This high concentration causes anyone not used to the smoke, at least irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, headaches, nausea and dizziness. As customers, we can choose to enter or not. But what if you're a non-smoker and work in such a place, such as waiters and bartenders? According to the employer's general obligations arising from the Act. 124/2006 in the statute, employers are required to provide employees with a work space where smokers may not be exposed to smoke, which is in bars, pubs and restaurants grossly violated.
Even my next argument relates to legislation. Despite the fact that according to the Law on Protection of Non-smokers from May 2004 smoking areas must be separated from non-smoking ones, smoke often penetrates or is transmitted into the air-conditioned non-smoking parts. This causes a problem, especially in restaurants, as our olfactory senses and taste are closely linked to each other, for us non-smokers eating becomes not very pleasant. In addition, companies wanted to meet the regulation at minimum costs, therefore in mo...

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...ose who choose to live without cigarettes should not be forced to inhale cigarette smoke under any circumstances. Therefore, smoking in bars, pubs and restaurants should be prohibited. The ubiquitous cigarette smoke spoil time spent among smokers in these facilities by its unpleasant smell and additionally appreciably affect their health. No smoking in these areas indirectly dictate the laws designed to protect the right of non-smokers, but regulations by them are adapted or completely ignored. Smokers can choose when to light their cigarettes. Nonsmokers cannot choose when, where, and even whether to breathe. I sincerely hope that all smokers will think about the above arguments, and that they are convincing enough that at its next meeting in one of those facilities they would get up and went out to smoke, despite the fact that an ashtray is laid right before them.
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