Smoking Should Be Banned From Public Places

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As soon as someone lights a cigarette and puts it up to their mouth they are just asking for health problems to occur. Smoking cigarettes can cause many problems that affect not only the smoker, but anyone else that is around the smoker. Nonsmokers chose to not smoke because they do not like the health risks or negative effects caused by cigarettes. People that chose to turn cigarettes down should not have to still interfere with the negative effects of tobacco because smokers are too rude to just save the smoking until they are in their own home. People should be able to walk into any public place and not have to breathe in this toxic. Cigarette smoking should be banned from public places because the cigarettes affect anyone who is around them. One reason cigarette smoking should not be allowed in public is because cigarettes have a horrible smell that can linger around a room for hours. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, “Smoke particles can be as small as .001% of the width of a human hair, which allows them to penetrate almost any part of a house.” This can cause the smoke particles to sit in a room for months at a time and the particles can let off that horrible smell. Also tobacco smoke can get into the vents of air conditioner and blow out in other rooms. If someone is a daily smoker, then most likely their clothes and anything else they own are also going to smell with a disgusting stale smell. Smoke residue can also build up on items in rooms and it is very hard to get that smell out of a house or business. No one wants to stand next to someone and not even want to breathe because they do not want to breathe in the smell. Second hand smoke is not good for anyone. It affects not only... ... middle of paper ... that money and put it towards something positive, like a vacation, paying off a debt, or just treating yourself to a nice dinner once a week. Cigarettes do nothing but harm people and do not deserve Americans money that they worked hard for. Cigarette smoking is just a nasty habit and when smokers have the right to smoke almost anywhere is when it becomes an issue. The second hand smoke causes people who prefer to not be around the harmful smoke to breathe in the chemicals and it can trigger allergies and cause bigger health problems, like lung cancer. It also harms our beautiful country with its waste that is left from the butts of cigarettes. Taking away public smoking will benefit everyone, smokers will start to give up smoking if it’s no longer a thing they can do during social activities. Banning public smoking will fix many problems produced by cigarettes.

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