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Kara woke up to the sun prying through her blinds in a desperate attempt to alert her that her day should have begun hours ago. With a groan and a hand brought up to her throbbing head, she rolled over to glance at the stained coffee machine that told her it was already two forty-seven in the afternoon. She lay there for a moment, willing her lethargic body to obey her brain and roll out of bed. Mmmm coffee, she thought. The thought of the bitter caffeine-laced liquid was enough to gain control of her body. She rolled out of the bed and stumbled over to the machine, her head still throbbing. Shit, I drank too much last night. While preparing the machine and dry swallowing some Advil, she recalled the events from last night. She had been a little farther gone than she had thought so parts of the night were gone from her memory. She had gone to the club with a few of her friends. She wasn’t exactly the type to go clubbing often but it had been the goth/fettish night and that had appealed to her greatly. Charlie had invited her so she figured she’d go regardless. There were candles and whips and a ridiculous amount of fishnets. The industrial music they had playing was a little light for her taste, but it still had the mind-numbing repetitive beats she so loved. She hadn’t danced much, though Charlie had gotten a dance out of her, preferring to sit at the table chain-smoking with her drink in hand. Nearly a pack later and a bill of $62.50 she had headed home with her friends. Well, shit, she thought while picking her pants from last night up off the ground. She rustled through the pockets until she found the box of Marlboro 27s and pulled it out. She opened the box, and as she expected, it was as empty as her stom... ... middle of paper ... and held it up to the unfiltered, Kara preparing her lungs for a harsh burn. With the end glowing a mild orange, she took a long drag. Surprised, she held it out to Charlie, “Try this.” Charlie took it and inhaled. “Wow, this is delicious. I think I like it better without the filter.” “I know right?” Kara took the unfiltered Red back and took a long drag, slowly exhaling in Charlie’s direction. “You going to start smoking all your cigarettes unfiltered now?” “No,” Kara chuckled as she scooted a little closer, “But maybe one every once in a while. I really like this. It tastes so much better, you know?” “Yeah,” Charlie replied, slowly exhaling. Kara watched her mouth as the smoke gradual seeped through her lips and drifted away. They had lost the small white filter having tried something out of the norm and decided that they liked it much better.

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