Smile Bright Toothpaste Survey Analysis

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At first glance, one might agree with the premise of the Smile- Bright Toothpaste Survey, but upon further analysis, one recognizes the pervasive flaws inherent in the survey. The Smile-Bright toothpaste survey lacks significant details about copious relevant factors that contribute to why and how the survey came to the conclusion that the use of Smile-Bright toothpaste causes people to get capped teeth. The review does not disclose what organization funded it, nor the purpose for which the survey was ultimately used. The origin of why the toothpaste may cause people to get caps on their teeth is not divulged in the analysis. The inadequacies in the survey’s information such as the demographics and the number of people surveyed, consequently,…show more content…
The toothpaste patent could have been grandfathered in with a formula that included harmful chemicals which had an adverse effect on teeth. New studies could have been done on the initial formula demonstrating adverse effects on teeth. The tube in which the toothpaste is packaged may have added additional unknown harmful materials. There is a chance a chemical reaction between the tube and a component in the toothpaste could create a by-product that was harmful to teeth on an aggrandized level neither known nor anticipated. Moreover, the toothpaste may not have helped with the basic health of the…show more content…
It could be the toothpaste being sold exclusively to dentists who do the majority of the caps on teeth. These could be specialists in the field or high end and cosmetic dentists. Dentists pushing having teeth capped could be targeted by Smile-Bright Toothpaste Company. Free samples may be given at these dental offices hence influencing the consumers’ decision when shopping for toothpaste. Smile-Bright could give a kick back to dentists who recommend their toothpaste. The dentist could get a portion of the sales in the area. Smile-Bright could go as far as giving dentists expensive vacations to promote their product while giving the dentist a free

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