Smartphones: Changing Society in the Palm of your Hand

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The smartphone is a highly complex yet simplified technological innovation that has transformed our lives. How is a smartphone different than a cell phone and why does it appeal to millions of users throughout the world? Rather than being more closely related to a generic landline telephone, a smartphone is a full-fledged touch-based computer with a QWERTY keyboard. Users can call, email, or text message one another, access the internet, use applications and much more (Cassavoy). All of these features are packed into a compact and convenient device that can, and has been, changing how we communicate with each other and store our information. The smartphone, an efficient and condensed combination of a phone, text messaging , and a touch screen computer has been drastically changing our social lives since 1993 for the better.
A smartphone is a multifunctional hand-held device that incorporates a cell phone, email, text messaging, web access, GPS, applications, all of which are controlled by a Mobile Operating System. In order for users to access all of these amazing features, a Mobile Operating System comes pre-installed with the smartphone. For example, navigating between apps and displaying a keyboard to interact with those applications. Similar to a more complex Operating System used on computers such as Windows, Linux, and OS X (Mac). These simplified versions manage the wireless capabilities, mobile multimedia and other input methods specific to smartphones, and not available with computers. Due to the Mobile Operating System in a smartphone running on the limited resources in a micro-computer, it emphasizes communication, using Random Access Memory (RAM) instead of raw video power that a gaming computer might have (Janssen). ...

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