Smartphones Case Study

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Characteristically, a smartphone is define as a device that is able to perform numerous functions of a computer, usually having comparatively large screen and an operating system (OS) capable of running general-purpose applications (Oxford Dictionaries). In recent years, the smartphones without doubt, serving its purpose vastly among people as the hub of technology to contribute and expand the technology world. Furthermore, it became essential to people as part of their ordinary lives. Smartphone technology is very easy to grasp since it is a common tool these days to connect people on daily basis. A smartphone became a very unique and essential device to carry around because all the possible functions such as music player, camera and surfing Internet user-friendliness has became part of a smartphone and it is easier to access everything at the same time. The advancement of technology these days are taking human race to the level where everything is almost possible. For instance, the recent smartphones become very handy and compatible in size of it.

In the Marketing Metrics case study prepared by Nielsen Company on the Smartphones Market and its Consumer, the smartphone market is growing sky high and has the potential to out beat the other leading technology markets like laptop brands and television brands. However, the smartphone market is incorporated thru operating system (OS) inventors and producers. On the whole, Research in Motion Blackberry (Blackberry) and Apple IPhone (Apple) are the two major companies unified via operating system (OS) as a (n) inventors and producers. These two companies singles out the rest of the operating system (OS) inventors such as Android, Microsoft Windows/WP7, Symbian ...

... middle of paper ... a market share of 75% compared to Apple’s 14% and Blackberry at 4.3% (The Next Web). The rest of the market is occupied with other operating system (OS) inventors and producers trying to compete with cash cow competitors. The result is such because the Android makers have made the product reachable to everyone and everywhere. Apple tried to establish this method but unfortunately they failed due to price factors. Talking about price factors, Apple products are not targeted to everyone at every level since it is marketed as a luxury product. Therefore, the Android came up with affordable pricing with user-friendly smartphone and easier availability product. Moreover, Android’s future is categorized under safe zone because they have Google’s back up, Google’s resourceful exploration and development team is regularly publishing new products to stammer competitors.
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