Smartphones Can Improve Our Daily Lives

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Did you know, that as of January 2014, 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone? Of those 90 percent of people whom own cell phones, 58 percent of them are smart phones (Pew Internet). “[A] Smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced features and functionality beyond traditional functionalities like making phone calls and sending text messages. (Impact Of)” Contrary to popular belief, smart phones have actually been around since 1993, although they have just recently become readily available for the majority of the public. Smartphones have changed dramatically since the first release of a smart phone. For example, many benefits have arisen from the up and coming of these phones, with each and every new release having some cool new feature you can use. Smart phones have benefited us ever since they were released, and continue to do so today with new phones being released constantly. Smartphones can improve our daily lives through the use of apps, which can dramatically make day-to-day tasks easier. Smartphones can also positively impact the business’ culture as well, and last but not least smartphones help us keep in touch with our close friends and family in an easier way than before. The first smart phone ever invented was called “The IBM Simon”. The Simon “incorporated voice and data services into one package, as the device acted as a mobile phone, a PDA and even a fax machine” (Reed 2). This was the first phone of its kind, and it came with a hefty price tag of $899, which was out of range for many people at that time. The next smart phone was called The Nokia 9110 Communicator, this phone was released in 1998 five years after the Simon. The Communicator looked more like a phone that we would carry around today. It include... ... middle of paper ... ...ess to your company’s application. If a company doesn’t have the resources in order to create an application, that doesn’t mean they’re unable to still use smartphones applications to their advantage. One alternative route to creating your own app, is paying a company with a popular application to advertise your business on their app. This is a reasonable substitution for any business that cannot afford to create their own app. “In the advent of 3G broadband mobile communication systems and smartphone devices, consumers ' preferences can be pre-identified and advertising messages can therefore be delivered to consumers in a multimedia format” (Chen 543). Being able to target your consumers through mobile applications takes advertising to a whole new level. Whereas before you could only advertise one way through newspapers, TV, and the radio, you can now advertise to
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