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The customer is the most important for the marketer in order to sell the products in the market. With SmartThings decision making process is determined by the wants or needs of the customers and also about the behavior and service of marketer. In the issue of SmartThings, marketers try to segment markets in ways that may help them to guide and manage relationships with targeted customers. The target segment reflects the cognitive consumer and also the emotional consumer. SmartThings customers inputs are influenced by the factors of the marketing mix activities. Product and Promotion go hand and hand in the influence of decision making process of SmartThings. SmartThings are trying to have a direct attempt to reach, inform and persuade consumers to buy and use the product. The inputs to the consumers’s decision-making process take the form of specific marking mix strategies that consists of the product itself; mass-media advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, and other efforts. In the target segment it is likely to occur that the consumer is faced with the “problem” of recognizing if it is truly a need. With a product such as SmartThings, consumers are in a dilemma with the actual state of the product and the desired state of the products. For example, if the Hub with SmartThings doesn’t connect correctly with your smart phone that would a problem with the product that fails to perform satisfactorily. In contrast, if the consumer is looking new trendy products may trigger the decision process. SmartThings message is turning your home into a Smart House in other to make a living better. The segment of making individuals who are looking for convenient security for their house and family, the message is focused on the expec... ... middle of paper ... ...hat a consumers is submissive to self-serving interests and promotional efforts. The last view of consumers is a cognitive view. Cognitive view of consumers portrays consumers as a thinking problem solver. They focus on the processes by which consumers seem and evaluate information about the brands. For SmartThing, the consumers have a cognitive view of looking at the information that is presented to them. Consumer decision for SmartThings have a cognitive view due to the over all need and attention that this product provides. SmartThings’ message changes ever so slightly by talking about how everyday objects can be used to make lives better. The consumers in this segments want to make both their house and lives better. It’s clear that SmartThings has the right promotion tactics and message to serve everyone’s needs and wants to influences consumer decision making.
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