Smart Vs Restricted Utilitarianism By J. C. Smart

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The author J.J.C Smart writes about utilitarianism. He talks about two different types one is extreme utilitarianism and the other is restricted utilitarianism. The first one is called Extreme utilitarianism which is an action that gives you the greatest amount of happiness, for the most amounts of people is the right action, no matter what the moral rule is. On the other hand restricted utilitarianism on the other hand, seeks to find an action that creates the greatest amount of happiness to the most people. Restricted utilitarianism uses more of the moral rules as to in which extreme utilitarianism. Smart tries to convince the audience that extreme utilitarianism is way better than restricted utilitarianism smart explains about how people…show more content…
A person who practices restricted utilitarianism doesn’t care with the punishment that can happen. Smart then gives an example of a dying friend trusting then me to leave all of his earnings to a jockey club I now own everything and it is up to me to do his last dying wish. A person who does not believe in restricted utilitarianism in this case I might decide to ignore what my friend asked me and donate all the money a charitable cause as to give it to a hospital that is in need of money. By doing this I am doing good than harm, but at the same time I broke my promise and the worse is that it was his last dying wish in this case I broke the biggest moral…show more content…
Once it is ruled that there I s a water shortage it is illegal for someone to use water. A person doesn’t care and decide to ignore the rule by watering the garden and making if look nicer than the rest. The person believes that by watering all the gardens in the neighborhood that person will make everyone happy regardless of what the rules even say. At the end of the day a person will do absolutely anything to make everyone

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