Small Vs. Large Universities

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Small vs. Large Universities (Rough Draft)
Many high school students today do not know what they would like to do, major in, or even where they would like to attend school. They often contemplate whether they should leave home and go to a big city and attend one of the nation’s large universities such as the University of Texas at Austin, or stay close to their family and attend smaller one such as Texas A&M University in central Texas. Many of the students ' do not realize that some of the education that both of these universities offer are the same and that both have four-year programs, but the prices of the classes vary, as well as the amount of options for a major, and attention received from teachers.
Many high school students would like to attend a big university not knowing that a smaller one offers some of the same courses, as well as offering many four-year programs to earn a bachelor’s degree. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in New Jersey studied the amount of basic course opportunities for students that attend smaller and larger universities and the studies show that all of the students no matter the university 's size receive equal opportunity. This shows that there are many opportunities at small universities for the students of whom would like to get basic credits or if they would like to get one of the more common four-year degrees.
Most high school students know that the price of attending a large university is more than that of smaller one, but they do not realize how much, with the courses costing a lot more as well as the housing and food, and especially the gas money if they go to a big city such as Austin, which has very heavy traffic. The only thing really the same about the pri...

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...student may be applying for prefer the student that graduated at the top of his or her class from a small university than one that graduated near the middle of his or her class from a large university class.
Choosing a university to attend is arguably the most import decision a high school student will ever have to make, and for someone who has no idea what they would like to major in it becomes the hardest decision as well. If the student prefers a smaller class, more one on one time with the professor, to make less but closer friends, have less competition and does not have the money to spend a smaller university may be the best option, but if the student is looking for competition, wants a better chance to find a better paying job or a job in general, still is unsure of what he or she would like to major in and has the money the larger university is the way to go

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