Small Size Class Essay

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Nowadays, variables in a classroom become one of the most important parts of education, especially to high school students. Since they spend most of their day sitting in classrooms to learn skills and knowledge for their future, it is important to choose better conditions for students. Among the several variables in a classroom, the number of students in a class is important for education, especially small-sized classes. So, high school students will learn more and better in small-sized classes. The first reason is students can concentrate more because there are fewer distractions. The second reason is teachers can be more aware of how each student is doing in class. The last, most important reason is teachers can help each student according…show more content…
According to the article “What are the advantages to schools with small class sizes”, a larger-sized class can lead to chaos from the voices of many students if they get to do a simple activity. For example, a larger-sized class group activities can turn into a chaos because many students will get distracted from their classmates leading them to get off topic from their assigned activities. In contrast, a small-sized class students will be more focused because of less distraction from their classmates. In addition, "in a classroom that large, personality conflicts are more likely to occur" ("What"). For example, during a class lecture some students are asking their teacher unnecessary questions to disrupt their classmates just to annoy them, that sometimes leads to personal conflicts. These distractions can lead many students to have difficult time concentrating during class. So, small-sized classes can have less distractions, leading students to concentrate more during…show more content…
A smaller class size helps teachers to know and spend more time with their students. Also, teachers are able to prepare the different teaching styles for the students to learn better. However, some people could say that decreasing the number of students in a class to just help students in their own learning style is not cost effective. According to the report “More than scores- An analysis of why and how parents choose private schools”, the authors James Kelly and Sacafidi Benjamin state that because the cost to reduce the size of classes is too expensive, making more classes and hiring more teachers, school districts are saying they cannot afford. So if they try but cannot solve the financial part, they will ask parents to pay more. However, a research came out that the two of the top five reasons why parents move their children to expensive private schools are 48.9% for smaller class sizes and 39.9% for more individual attention for their children (Kelly and Scafidi). The expense does not matter to lessen the class size. Therefore, a teacher who teaches a small-sized class is able to give more individual attention for students with their own learning
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