Small Is Beautiful

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Small is Beautiful by Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, one of the most important articles for human being that how today we can solve the problems of the economy and get out of that. He started his article about the problem of production. The major error of our life is which we believe that the problem of production has been solved. Such a wrong made up belief make the rich countries as really industrialized and able to produce goods and services in mass quantities in poor countries and keep them in a small scale. The other problem is, the modern men do not think themselves as a part of the nature. We have to develop the technology, but it should be in smaller scale that everyone could use that. According to Schumacher the real meanings of the economy developed and improve are needed to correct a few things. These are; the issues of peace and stability, recourses, the right use of earth and nuclear, and development of social and economic problems. According to Schumacher, we improve economy in developing countries and the problem is here, which the rich people are getting richer and the poor people are getting poorer, because we do not use a good system of economic progress and do not think about the negatives effect of that on environment. It is true and relevant to our present situation. Today one of the biggest problems of the developing countries in the world is that, which depend on the development countries. Development countries provide raw material, energy and other supplies to developing and poor countries, but cannot control their environment damage, for example today China, one of the development countries in the world. They produce everything in a really mass quantity without that to think about the bad effect on the envir... ... middle of paper ... the energy but because of power and control of the world. The other problem is that they cannot keep that save, for example America and China. America used the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima that caused to death of more thousands of people, destroying the cities and air pollution and as result of that now different health problem for the people of that region. In conclusion the major problem of today world is that we think we are not belonging to the nature and we are separate from the nature. We create and develop different kind of technology without thinking for possible way of that. We destroy the earth. These all problems which are faced with that because of not having a good system of developing the economy and changing to a new style of life. What Schumacher said and predicate about today world is all right and true as we see the result of not affective system.
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