Small Groups and How They Work

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Small Groups and How They Work In today's business world it is essential to be able to work in teams or small groups. Understanding the dynamic workings of a small group is essential for any employee in today's business world to survive. Survival in a group means, still being able to function in a group no matter what the various circumstances of the group are. There are six distinct relevant background factors that each person brings with them that plays an important part on the group dynamics. Group dynamics can also be affected not only by its members but also by the physical environment in which the group is set, the structure of the group and what type of group it is. Leadership and social influence processes can also play a major role in how the group works. These influences are status power, leadership and group norms. Each of us brings their own relevant background factors with them to the group, these are values, sex, age, health, attitude, and personality. I like to refer to these as baggage. These six relevant background factors influence the way in which we act, thus they have an effect on the group dynamics. Values, each of us has our own set. "Unlike water, values can clash, creating resentment and mistrust-the ebb and the flow." (1) We all bring our own values to the group, what each of us believes is right and wrong. Values can best be described as a persons own personal code of what he believes to be right or wrong from within their own inner self. At least in my experience values have not played too much of a role in the workings of the group. The company lays down the rules and you follow them whether you believe in them or not. If it comes t... ... middle of paper ... ...ducts and services." (14) Teams or small groups will not go away. They are entrenched into today's work force. The day of the individual contributor is almost gone. Knowing how small groups work today is knowing how to work. Works Cited (1) Tubbs, Stewart L., A Systems Approach To Small Group Interaction, 6th ed. (New York: McGraw- Hill Companies, Inc., 1998) 60. (2) Tubbs 52. (3) Tubbs 54. (4) Tubbs 55. (5) Tubbs 49. (6) Tubbs 57. (7) Tubbs 89. (8) Tubbs 106. (9) Blake, Robert B., Mouton, Jane S., Allen, Robert L., Spectacular Teamwork. (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1987.) 109. (10) Tubbs 109. (11) Tubbs 153. (12) Tubbs 172. (13) Blake, Mouton, & Allen 108. (14) Parker, Glenn M., Team Players and Teamwork. (San Francisco: oxford, 1990.) 13.
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