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This group was formed to achieve specific goals for a bigger task. Our group has members with diverse backgrounds which allows a wide variety of ideas to be stimulated during discussion. Going in with an open mind I understood anything could happen, but our group meshed amazingly. Everyone has participated evenly and helped out when needed. After talking about personal strengths and weaknesses each member then better understood each other. Jordan, Kieante, Madison and I all preferred to do work at the last minute because we work more efficiently. While Tyler, Sarina and Yahaira like to worked early and ahead. As a group we decided to get everything done early. Knowing all the members strengths and weaknesses, they have not changed any of my decisions, but may as we get later in the 5k preparation process.
After being temporarily appointed to be the first member to contact the group the group we agreed to have Tyler be our Chair person. Tyler works hard to always notify the group with updates and information from other groups. Madison was appointed as the recorder, she has experience in Greek life with recording minuets. Her minuets and notes are always emailed to all members via email and easy to understand. Yahaira does a great job in making the agenda for each meeting. Those are the set jobs in our group as for other members of the group our roles are just as important. I bring many things to this group including being great with people and solving problems are group has. I’m the problem solver of the group. Jordan, Kieante, and Sarina all participate and contribute to the group. All of these member have attended almost every meeting or have been excused from the meetings and communication has been great between all members. One...

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... how our group is working as an open system. From day one our group has been very open to discuss issues which groups need to have to be successful. Our meetings usually always have a short period to talk about personal issues to loosen tension to Segway into discussing the agenda to accomplish our goals. As many of our jobs and works are still in the works until a date is set we still are planning and the group has stayed positive and excited to meet. The oversight committee has a large task which chair member are contacting including ours for future details to help the 5k planning to go smoothly. Positives of having a diverse group allows us to have a variety of resources available to our group. These resources include members of Greek life that have contacts to local businesses while others bring skill sets that tremendously helps the group work more efficiently.
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