Slurring Spanish By Larz Rodriguez

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Are all children’s education treated equally? In Luis J Rodriguez’s essay “Slurring Spanish” he reflects on his personal experiences while going through the educational system. Through his experience and observations from other students, he saw Spanish speaking students that are not treated the same as English speaking students. While in Lynda Barry’s essay, “The Sanctuary of School” she speaks on how her parents were neglectful and her escape was school. This was where Barry would be notice, but she fears that schools are no longer seeking to give the same attention to students as she received. Barry like Rodriguez felt that schools are treating student’s education differently. Though their personal experiences were very different Rodriguez…show more content…
Through Rodriguez travels he has seen “Spanish speaking students are often seen as trouble”(Rodriguez 346). These student are not only “forced to speak English as soon as possible”, but this is done through “threat of punishment”(Rodriguez 346). Spanish students are not being received by the educational system but instead pushed away. They are punished for speaking Spanish and clearly not treated the same as English only speaking students. Their ability to speak Spanish brings a negative label on them, and it is apparent that the students are not important when considering their educational decisions. With “before and after school programs being cut” taxpayers are told “public schools are not made for babysitting” (Barry 63). Students grow by being apart of academic activities such as music and art. The students are not being considered and Rodriguez would recognize this through his experience. Instead of his ability to speak Spanish seen as a tool to be used with his education it was looked down upon. He was not considered in his education when he was, “pushed from class to class” and when getting to a teacher that he believed accepted him he was, “placed in the corner and told to play with blocks (Rodriguez 347). With him not being able to speak English, the school looked down upon him. They put no effort into getting him in a separate class that might be able to help him develop his English. This would take him to consideration with his needs to have the best possible
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