Slowly Moving Towards Legalizing Marijuana

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For the past ninety years, marijuana has been an enemy to drug agencies, government officials, and presidential administrations. Smoke Signals, a book about the oppressive and beneficial history of marijuana, is written as an effective argument while highlighting the plant in many different social settings.

Cannabis use can be traced back to the Neolithic Period (10,200-4500 BC). Since then, nearly every culture continued to use marijuana for personal reasons, causing information to surge throughout the world. Some cultivate marijuana for the stems and stalk that produce cordage and cloth, while others eat the marijuana seeds for the essential fatty acids and protein. The first reference to medical-marijuana dates back to 2700BC. The emperor of China recommended the “Supreme Elixir of Immortality” for nearly a hundred different sicknesses. Chinese marijuana activists viewed marijuana as a healing herb; others viewed it as everything from holy anointing oil to psychoactive intoxicants.

In the early nineteenth century, African-Americans benefitted from anything that relieved the stress of plantation capitalism. For Louis Armstrong, music and marijuana was the escape from the misery. He agreed that a few puffs of that good shuzzit helped him live and let live (12). Armstrong, a hero of his race, prominently endured the southern hate while keeping a strong, positive spirit as he composed beauty up on the stage. Armstrong created musical masterpieces no one had heard, all because he fell in with The Vipers— the marijuana-enthused, musical fraternity.

Marijuana not only benefitted the lives of African-Americans struggling with oppression; the herb provided more than the cerebral...

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