Sleepy Hollow Film Review

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‘Sleepy Hollow’ film Review Blood and murder usually go down a treat for the people who love gore but this is not the case in the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Repetition is the key to an ultimately predictable film. Just as in any other film we see a substance with a resemblance to blood fall onto a piece of paper. This tells our minds the movie will have elements of horror. Then two hands, male and female, clasp. A headless horseman then appears decapitating an innocent man on the run in the woods. This all sets the rest of the film as a romantic horror. There is still one element that is left to be seen but not to worry. While the ghoulish headless horseman is out decapitation people Ichabod Crane, a detective from New York, is having a hard time keeping a straight face. The expression of utter disgust as he finds a body in the river is comical enough as it stands. Now as he is sent to Sleepy Hollow (a near by village where the headless horseman lies) to try and get his head around the gruesome decapitations of the people. His fear of bugs makes him an easy target and often means this film becomes comedy Johnny Depp is the actor who plays Ichabod Crane, the New York detective. When he arrives in the little village Sleepy Hollow he meets the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel. Played by Christina Ricci, Katrina is a local teenager who is starting to really like Ichabod. She wants to protect him; I guess every film needs a beauty. But where’s the beast? Most films nowadays consist of a beast that whenever they show their face on screen frightens the socks off the audience. This is not the case in the film ‘Sleepy Hollow’ seeing as Christopher Walker’s (the actor who plays the headless horseman) head is never shown on screen. Although this film consists mainly of tacky fog and bad graphics, the acting is not to blame. Maybe the fact that the main characters were played by American actors but yet tried to speak with English accents made the film seem very cheap. If you are going to hire American actors to play the main parts don’t try and pass them off as English actors. Some people might think that by making the entire movie dull, dark, and devoid of colour makes the blood stand out much more. This is true but are you really motivated to watch a movie which starts of in black and white? This movie was aimed at younger people but younger people change the channel when... ... middle of paper ... ...appeared we saw the same murky fog swirl around the screen. Tim Burton turned the short story by Washington Irving from a descriptive bed time story into a fake. To me this movie was pure comedy. Although it was meant to be horror it was comical to count how many times the horseman appeared. Every time he appeared it was the same fog and sounds as the headless horseman took out his sword to kill another victim. The movie seemed to rely on the fact that Johnny Depp is gorgeous. Tim Burton has directed most of my favorite movies. Most of them did not have gorgeous actors in them but they all had a good plot. This movie did not have a good plot. It had things in it that were completely irrelevant to the rest of the film. I did not feel for the characters, the main reason being they were in black and white. This made them seem cold and emotionless. The main character in the film, Ichabod Crane was very squeamish. If this movie was aimed to be semi-serious why have a main character in it who faints at the sight of blood. In my opinion this movie had poor graphics and was very predictable. I did not enjoy it at all and if you know what is good for you you won’t bother to see it either.

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