Sleep Disorders in Babies

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How to tell if your baby is tired or suffering from sleep disorders in infants

Is there such thing as sleep disorders in babies ?

Of course, babies can cause insomnia in others. But if these babies suffer from insomnia is a condition less clear. Search of published studies on children with insomnia , there are several schools of thought .

The authors acknowledge all types of sleep problems for children , sleep disorders Kolilim most frequent awakenings each night , sleep breathing disorders and diseases that may interfere with sleep , such as reimbursement of gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD .

The authors also acknowledge the existence of their contemporaries as insomnia and behavioral problems in young children and for older children .

As I note below, some studies testing the effects of brief episodes , experimentally induced sleep disturbance in infants .

But when it comes to infant sleep insomnia , I did not find any scientific explanation for this.

Maybe it's a good thing, evidence that chronic sleep restriction in infants is very rare . If you take an evolutionary perspective - and consider how babies learned to sleep in a sling while their parents in their daily affairs were busy - it seems quite plausible . Babies may be able to regulate their sleep very well , even in the midst of the hustle around.

However, you may have questions. A few hours of sleep your baby should sleep? How can you tell if your baby is old enough? Here I go over what the evidence tells us .

Measure the baby sleep requirements

Healthy infants may vary significantly in amount of sleep they need. So just a baby sleeps less than usual this does not mean that your baby problem . This article talks about the normal range of sleep in infants ...

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...deprivation in the short term and then experienced more sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea , in particular, which has been associated with a wide range of health problems and an increased risk of SIDS .

More generally , research indicates that people with insomnia spend more time in deep sleep , a condition characterized by fewer awakenings and revival with greater difficulty . Babies seem also to fit this pattern , and it can also contribute to the risk of SIDS . In one experiment , researchers found that babies with respiratory problems were less likely to arise during the equivalent of " quiet sleep " Child of deep sleep .

The bottom line ? If you suspect your baby is tired and routine seems particularly difficult to wake up , it's worth discussing your concerns with your doctor. He or she may want to check your baby for signs of irregular breathing or apnea .
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