Slaves from America: Goddess Yemaya

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Since Yemaya's worship followed the slaves from Africa, She is known by quite a few different names. A few of them are Mother of Fishes, The Ocean Mother, Mother of All, Holy Queen Sea, Mama Watta, Mother of Dreams and Secrets, Stella Maris which means star of the sea, Yeye Omo Eja, Iamanga, Ymoga, Balianne, Yemanja, Imanje and Yemanja Afodo. All of the different names appear to connect Her to the water. In Africa She is the Yoruban Orisha, which means Goddess of the living ocean. According to what I've read, She is the reason that we have the water we have. The river Ogun is particularly sacred to Her. Moving on to the aspects of life, Yemaya is the Goddess of the Ocean and since it is believed that life emerged from the ocean, Yemaya is the creator of life. When you look closer at what depth of the waters that Yemaya, we see that She controls the surface. Much of the life in the ocean is close to the surface. Not all the living things of the ocean need to be near the surface, but the most memorable animals that I can think of need to come to the surface for air. Even if t...

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