Slaves And Slavery: The Narrative Of Frederik Douglass

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In the autobiography, “The Narrative of Frederik Douglas” by Frederik Douglass, Douglass discussed his experience as a slave and how he wished to escape slavery. He wanted to break free physically and mentally from slavery. Although, it’s hard for slaves to receive their freedom due to slave laws and immoral treatment from their slave masters. Douglass decided to escape from his slave masters corrupt plantation and migrated to the north in search of his freedom. He escaped to the north after he self-teaches himself how to read and write and discovers about the abolitionist movement. Although he faced challenges along the way such as finding places to hide and people to trust, he eventually finds freedom in the north. Once, he arrived in the…show more content…
As a result, it caused conflicts between the north and the south as they debate the issue of slavery.
African Americans are given limited opportunities because they are considered to be inferior and less educated than the white population. As slaves, they are only allowed to know basic facts about themselves and cannot have access to an education. Whites limit their freedom and opportunities by keeping them uneducated and treat them as if they were animals. They do this by making them work long hours in their unsanitary cotton plantations and whip them when they do not get the work done. Douglass explained that he often witnessed his slave master whip his aunt for escaping. This leaves Douglass traumatized since he had to witness seeing his aunt almost bleed to death. Many slaves question their past life. Such as, Douglass who wanted to know who his mother was since he only knew that his father was a slave master. He is not allowed to
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Many escaped due to the immoral treatment of their slave masters and others wanted better life opportunities. Many slaves escaped to the north where they could receive an education and have equal job opportunities as the white population. Although many slaves that escaped were successful and those who weren’t successful were either beaten to death or severely punished., since it was illegal for slaves to escape from their master’s plantation. Some slaves were lucky because some slave masters let them escape or set them free. Since they had joined the abolitionist movement. Frederik Douglass searched for his freedom and escaped his slave masters corrupt plantation when he was 20 years old. Although he successfully escaped to the north, he faced challenges by debating on who to trust, finding a place to stay and escaping from slaveholders. Although, he meets abolitionist and shares his story about his experience as a slave in the south. It created an awakening for slaves since he was one of the first slaves that wrote a biography of his life even though slaves were expected to be uneducated. It showed cased slavery as evil and immoral and more people began to support the abolitionist movement. Thus caused conflict between the south and the north because many whites had different opinions and beliefs about slavery. Since they claimed slavery was a good thing because slaves were given a place to live and a place
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