Slavery to Civil War

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519 words

Why did slavery have such a big impact on the Civil War? How did it begin? What made it such a major issue that led to the Civil War? The beginning African American slaves came in 1619. It increasingly spreaded throughout the thirteen colonies. Then a few years later, a few Americans found it very difficult to find slavery fair. Slavery was such a big issue that it separated the Union into two parts. Eventually the regions separated into the North and the South! Slavery was a primary issue that upsetted many Americans because of Lincoln’s election, Missouri Compromise, and new territories which led to the Civil War. The Missouri Compromise was one of the events that caused slavery to be a main impact on the Civil War. It was an agreement that passed in 1820 between the proslavery and antislavery citizens. The Missouri Compromise involved the regulation of primarily the Western territories. Anything above the line would be considered a free state, and anything below would be open to the spread slavery. The truce lasted for awhile, until tensions broke out. When tensions broke out, S...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how slavery was a major issue that led to the civil war. slavery spread throughout the thirteen colonies and divided the union into two parts.
  • Explains that the missouri compromise was an agreement between proslavery and antislavery citizens. the truce lasted for awhile, until tensions broke out.
  • Analyzes how lincoln ran for the u.s senate seat in 1858. he lost election against douglas, and was nominated for president.
  • Explains that the south wanted to create an alliance with the west because both areas were predominantly based on farming. it was one of the key factors that led to the civil war.
  • Analyzes how slavery became a controversial issue that split the u.s from lincoln's election, the missouri compromise, and new territories, leading to the civil war.
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