Slavery of the Modern World

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Human trafficking is modern day slavery with twenty thousand prostitutes and two major red- zones in India (“Horrors of India”). Human trafficking sometimes gets ignored and written off as an unimportant agenda that needs to be stopped, because human trafficking should be just as important as new roads in everyone’s agenda. Some people let human trafficking be written off as another country's problem when it is really everyone’s problem to stop slavery. Human trafficking in India is an unhuman business that needs to be stopped, because it is making a profit off sex, demoralizing girls, and is letting a form of modern day slavery happen in our world today.

Human trafficking is a long lasting business that has a long and dark history the world needs to understand in order to help make the world a better place for the victims of prostitution. To change the world for the women who are affected by sex slavery every day, we must understand how prostitution began in the first place. Human trafficking began in India in 1864; the British created and maintained brothels for troops, the girls were paid for by the British military and the military maintained eight brothels that housed more than five hundred prostitutes. Today, there are only two brothels, with Kamathipura being the largest one (“Horrors of India”). The beginnings of human trafficking seem very simple, but it does not take away the damage that this has created and how awful and unmoral this business has been from the beginning. The damage that has been done is unimaginable, and we cannot change the past, we can only change the future. The minimal changes that have been made to protect the women and children that have been kidnapped, tricked, and sold into modern day slavery; ...

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...-workers become slaves of prostitution or are we going to put a stop to human trafficking while we still have a chance? Whatever a person chooses when a little girl is taken from her family; and sold for sex everyone should think twice and stop human trafficking once and for all.

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