Slavery, memory and women in Toni Morrison's beloved

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Writing about any artist or author makes us more curious about the writer and his or her view of life. I believe every writer reflects his or her own perspective in their writings even if they did not talk about themselves; this will appear to the reader in one way or another.
Therefore any attempt to read the noble Prize winner; Toni Morrison’s deep viewpoints urge us to see a side of her views, for she is an outstanding offshoot of the universal literary tree more specifically in American literature. Beloved has become a must on the American reading list despite of its complexity because of its effective subject and her artistic depiction.

In 1873 slavery has been abolished in Cincinnati, Ohio for ten years, this is the setting in which Morrison places the characters for her influential moving novel .Morrison present Sethe (a black American African slave) the protagonist of the novel and the mother who murdered her child to protect her from a slavery which may continue to death. Here we have a great notion what kind of mother could murder her child? What for? Hence we realize how she suffered from slavery. Slavery left a trace in Sethe’s personality to a very great extent she is still a slave of her past, which she can not get rid of this can be taken as perpetual slavery it will live out, as long as she is haunted by her past. She may have escaped from slavery but she is very much slave to her own life. To be truly free she must accept her whole self - past, present and future. Morrison coveys a very strong feeling about slavery by depicting the emotional impact slavery has had on each individual in the novel. Since the author is African-American so she has given the picture of black people in America after civil war, Although...

... middle of paper ... her experience as a woman-slave who has no right to her body, and her experience as a slave mother who is used to the violation of her own body, but cannot bear the forcible extraction of her milk meant for her children, Sethe's body itself with its chokecherry tree scar is written into the text on many levels. When she has sex with Paul D, it is the first time she is using her body for her own pleasure. The pain of Denver’s childbirth is written in through her bleeding feet about which Amy says "it hurts for something new to grow".

Through her deep complicated ideas to present slavery and miseries of black women through memories and flashbacks Toni Morrison has probably created her masterpiece. Sethe alone as the heroine of the novel presets all the ideas above, she is a female black African American slave who had suffered from being a woman as well as a slave.
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