Slavery in the United States

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Slavery is colored people who have to work for other people for other people.Slavery first started in North American colonies to 1619. Slavery started in Virginia, Jamestown in 1619. In 1619, the Dutch introduced the first captured Africans to America, planting the seeds of a slavery system that evolved into a nightmare of abuse and cruelty that would ultimately divide the nation.
An argument started in the 19th Century and also the a civil war in (1862-1865. Though the Union victory it had freed the nation’s 4 million slaves, the legacy of slavery continued to influence American history, from the loud confused years of history in (1865-77) to the civil rights movement that came out in the 1960s, a century after being freed.
The world's first anti slavery society was founded in 1775 by Quakers in Philadelphia, the year the Revolution began. By 1788, at least thirteen of these clubs were known to exist in the American colonies. Some Northern states stopped slavery outright, and some gave for the gradual end of slavery. At any rate, the climate of the Revolution made the organization not right in the minds of many Northerners, who did not rely on forced labor as part of the economic system. Northerners didn’t go as far as to give equal rights to free the blacks.

Many slaves have gotten their freedom during the Revolution without being able to be free. In the American south the british had freed many slaves.Lots of slaves in the North got their freedom because they said they would fight for America. Although, clear most of African Americans remained in a bond, the growth of free black communities in America was raised by the War for American to be free. In 1807 everyone had to stop having slaves.

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...d to rest. Instruments that they used to punish slaves and keep within limits are: the iron collar,or even slaves chains. But not all states wanted it to be slaves, the Southern states wanted it and the Northern states didn't. Because it was divided that way, a struggle broke out over if slaves should be free or not.

Colored people, also known as slaves, were treated like they were nothing. Like they were some kind of creatures, slavery has had an impact on America for years. This impact caused rage and hurt, slaves put their blood, sweat and tears in their work to not get beaten or get their children harmed as well. Separated by race they lived with no Justice, Freedom,or Diversity. They lived a very risky life,trying their best not to get caught. Some slaves will never be forgotten, for what they did to try and get us freedom in the U.S or the world.
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