Slavery: Struggle, Tragedy, and Cruelty

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Beaten. Sold. Forced to work for nothing. Children being taken from mothers and teenage girls being used as prostitutes. This is the essence of slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe took the truth about Slavery and brought it through in a compelling, heart breaking, and war starting way. She twisted the hearts of the North by creating relatable characters that changed the way people looked at slavery and the slaves themselves. She wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin. A tight knit group of slaves are separated, some escapes and some sold, and encounter hardships and pain that all lead to the salvation of freedom or the salvation of heaven.
In the state of Kentucky, a transaction takes place selling 2 slaves to a cruel man in order to save a slaveholder named Mr. Shelby from debt. He sells a devout Christian slave named Uncle Tom and a boy named Harry to Mr. Haley (the buyer). Eliza, Harry’s mother, hears of the transaction just after her husband George had run away to get to Canada and his freedom. Eliza decides to run away with Harry in order to protect her child. Mr. Haley sees that she ran away and goes to chase after her but is stalled by other slaves trying to protect Eliza. He chases her up to the border between the north and south where she jumps into a freezing cold river crossing into the North. He then hires a man named Tom Loker to chase her. Eliza and Harry make it to a Quaker house where they stay the night.
Haley returns and takes Tom on a ship to be sold to a Slaveholder. On the ship, he meets a young girl named Eva. One day she falls off of the boat and Tom dives in after her, saving her life. She then convinces her father, Mr. St. Clare, to buy Tom. The reader then learns of some important characters. Marie St. Clare Is Mr. St. Cl...

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...s. Harriet Beecher Stowe was addressed by Abraham Lincoln as “the woman who started this great war” because she was the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It helped change the minds of many people in the North so they would want to abolish slavery and join the war effort. I would give this book a very very high rating, even as much as 4 stars, not only for it’s incredible, heart wrenching story line, but also how deeply thought out it was. It was very clearly planned to give the most impact possible on people to persuade them to become abolitionists. This great attention to detail shines clearly throughout the entire book. Though some of the language is difficult to understand, it is still an amazing book that I would personally recommend to anyone who has a love of history and of good stories. All in all, this is a novel worth reading.

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