Slavery In American History

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When it comes to some important events before 19th century in United States, we must mention the Abolition Movement, which began in 1930s, and ended with Emancipation Proclamation. Just like our textbook---A Short History of the American Nation, ¡°No reform movement of this era was more significant, more ambiguous in character, or more provocative of later historical investigation than the drive to abolish slavery.¡±

Abolition Movement was not only meaningful to itself, that is, slavery was abolished and black slaves were freed, but also meaningful to the whole nation, because it exerted much influences on American society and economy. In this paper, I will firstly present a brief introduction about slaves in North American. Secondly, I¡¯d like to unfold a systematic picture of Abolition Movement. Finally, I will summarize this movement¡¯s influences on America from two aspects, economy and society. Then, I will come to conclusion of this paper.

Slavery in North American

The history of slavery can be traced back to a much earlier time. During the colonial period, there were a lot of Europeans in North American working as slaves. They wanted to seek better life in North American, but they were sold to colonial rulers as slaves. We all know that selling black slaves was the most vicious dealing in human history. However, the huge quantity of profits of selling black slaves became the main source of capital accumulation for Americans.

In 18th century, black slaves had decisive influences on development of south plantation. Since the products of south plantation were sold in world market, so the plantation economy was the commercial production of capitalism. Plantation owners got a lot of benefits from slavery, so they kept it an...

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...a very important role in the history of United States. During its process, there were many famous figures and heroes, also, some significant events. Additionally, Abolition Movement exerted great influences on America both economically and socially. By studying this movement, we can get more information on American history. Since I do not have more specific, deeper and wide knowledge on this aspect, so in this paper, I just presented the general process of Abolition Movement and concluded with its influences. Finally, this topic should be improved and researched fatherly in my future study.


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