Slavery History

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Slavery was a part of history since 1619 till the civil war where slavery was ended. The south needed slavery to help grow crops tobacco and cotton so they could sell the crops and make money off of the crops. Slavery was important in south and the north wanted to abolish slavery. John brown cotton gin the compromise of 1850 the Dred Scott case and other events helped shape slavery in the new nation.
Early slavery in America in the south was minimal and sometimes temporary. The first slave brought to America was in Virginia in 1619.
John Brown was a key person in slave history. He planned on overthrowing slavery in the south. Brown and his followers invaded harpers ferry Virginia in October 1859. Brown and his followers ended up killing people during the raid. Brown was captured and was charged with treason. Brown and his men succeed by rising the emotions of the people who supported slavery and who opposed slavery. Brown and two of his followers where found guilt and hanged. Northerners mourned the death of John brown while the southerners were upset by the way the northerners ma...
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