Slavery Essay

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Throughout American history there have been many conflict, but also with this, there have been advancements. Our ideologies can be based on political, social, and economic factors. As times change, so do our ideologies, which is why Slavery vs. Antislavery views changed over the years in history. In our nation, the Slavery vs. Antislavery debate was one of the biggest conflicts we had. The debate tore the North and South apart and hundreds of thousands of people died as an effect of disagreement in ideologies. The United States knew it needed a changed that would be beneficial to the whole nation, and not just a section. This is why antislavery ideology needed to be adopted, as it was most valuable in helping us prosper as a nation. Since the beginning of the United States there were disputes of slavery. We always tried to keep a balance of Slave States and Free States so their was a balance of power in the Senate. The first compromise passed to attain to this balance was the 3/5 Compromise. This compromise was created due to Slave States...

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