Slavery As An Unnecessary Evil

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Slavery wasn’t an issue in America ever since the revolution just like how the Indians on the western frontier was never a problem for the settlers. If wrong doings happen for too long then it becomes unbearable just like how the stalemate between the settlers of Virginia and the Indians went on too long with unsettling disputes over who was being unfair and who was unjust. Just like that, the birth of a nation cannot go divided, and that was the exact problem that was happening with the North and the South. The North only tolerated the Souths slavery because it benefited them in some ways. For instance, however well the South did meant the North was doing just was well because the economy had to be fueled by farming from the South and consumers from everywhere, and if slavery helped with production in the South then it was a necessary evil. That is, until it was being seen as an unnecessary evil.
When Slavery was starting to be viewed as an unnecessary evil, fingers were pointing to the only power that had control over it, and that was the government. The whole while slavery was going on, the government viewed it as a necessary evil. All the while slavery was going on, people would be arguing against it but there was no way around it. There were plenty of abolitionists, but a group of abolitionists with no power cannot do anything. The only people to blame was the government. Until Abraham Lincoln stepped into office, then he made it a problem. The argument could be made that any government that utilizes slavery is corrupt, therefore, at the time America was corrupt. It also had its focus on more important issues, such as forming and building a nation.
As for Bacon’s Rebellion after the Colonists started to realize what had bee...

... middle of paper ... of the Civil War Era the hardships were much the same. Slavery was also happening back when Bacon was still alive but it was just introduced and equality wasn’t even an idea back then. Slavery is still a really low social status so getting people together in both of these cases to fight for the same purpose is outstanding. Especially in Bacon’s Rebellion because the higher class people were fighting because the taxes were raised and the lower class people were fighting for that too in a sense. Although for the civil war it is flipped because the lowest class people are fighting for their own good and the higher class is fighting for them. There are many similarities when comparing Bacon’s Rebellion and The Civil War, it just goes to show no matter what day and age America is going through, people of all social class and race can come together to fight for a cause.
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