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Throughout history, there has been an individual or group of humans that believed that they were of a higher class than the minority. Society has functioned this way even all the way back to the cavemen. This belief has proven to be horrific and can be proven through certain events. Take a look back through history at the Holocaust, slavery, women’s suffrage, World War II, and segregation. These events are only a handful of the many to show this. Each particular one of these events has one thing in common, and that is a lack of equality. One of the most powerful and strongest countries on this globe has certainly had an issue with a lack of equality. What’s so hard to understand is how a country who was founded on the fact that all men are created equal could have such a past. A country who promotes democracy throughout the world! How could the nation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have denied (and is still denying so many walks of life?) Maybe one would have to look at the definition of man. There once lived a man who held great power. This man ...

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