Slave Girls

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Harriet Jacobs was born into captivity in the 1800's North Carolina. Both her parents were African American slaves that were surviving in the country by paying a fee to their master to contract work. Her mother died when she was six, and Jacobs was left to the mistress of the house. Many children that were slaves were orphaned by premature deaths of their parents and forced to live without love and security in their lives. Often children were bought and sold just as if they were produce at a market. Most of the slaves were bought and sold at large auctions and even on the streets of the main town. In the early 1800's the southern slaves were forced to work very hard and their way of life was lived day by day in fear of death or pain. Slave girls especially were subject to fear, sexual abuse and mental anguish. They worked also hard in trying to hide secrets that they had seen and heard and often times were regarded as second rate by the woman that they indeed worked for. Jacobs would tell her story of anguish in her Memoir “ Incidents in the life of a slave girl.” Jacobs would write down her accounts to allow the others in the northern states to see what a slave in the southern states endured, and the conflicts that they were inflicted with on a daily basis. Jacobs also tells of unhappy Newer in which she is referring to the time of year when they are sold off into families and must leave their loved ones behind. This was especially hard for the mothers that would be separated from their children, which she refers to as

“ peculiar sorrows.” Harriet was deeply touched by the removal of children from their mothers and surviving family, she touched on this quite a bit in her stories of her life and what she had seen.. Jacobs touch...

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... African Americans today still have deep wounds that will heal over time when it comes to the subject of slavery. Slavery as a whole is a wound on this country's history and a contradiction

of what this country is founded on. We as a nation have put in place laws that help govern the people that are unable to protect themselves. Regardless of financial status every woman has a legal right of keeping her children, snatching them away from her is unethical and immoral. Thus, in my perspective slavery it self is inhumane.

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