Slave Girl Identity

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Slavery was a historically significant, yet dehumanizing period the United States encountered; the period conveys a reminder to humanity that individuals are created equal, as stated in our Constitution. One individual holds vivid memories of this dark period, she presents her anecdotes through the perception of a young woman, Linda Brent. The novel, Incidents In the Life of a Slave Girl, by Harriet Jacobs, primarily identifies the hardships slavery imposed upon African Americans, specifically Linda, during the period of slavery in the mid 1800’s and express how the fetters of slavery prohibit the main character from obtaining human rights sprouted from freedom. Although she battles the repercussions of slave laws and cruel slave owners, Linda…show more content…
In her early years of being induced to slavery, Linda was granted kind slave owners who recognized her humanity and considered her humanistic rights; however her owner passed and she is sold to a cruel family who inflicts verbal and physical abuse upon her, however this practice is encouraged in slave laws. Physical and verbal confrontations are not forbidden in the slave law, this practice is encouraged for whites to inflict upon blacks, this law making Linda’s identity difficult to convey. Linda manages an escape from the fetters of slavery in search of freedom however her owners send out a notice to obtain her, also a threat to take her children away and sell them (Jacobs, pg. 82). Stripped of her human rights under the title of slave, Linda’s owners disregard the fact that she is human, instead see her as profit and abuse the power of authority. Her identity of being a nursemaid is completely damaged by the views her owners inflict upon her overall self image; slavery completely slaughters the idea of black individual’s identity, instead they are viewed as a price. The identity of the nursemaid is deconstructed by the practice of slavery, the cruel and unusual treatment sends Linda into the seeking of her freedom. The treatment casted upon slaves was significantly cruel and dehumanizing due to slaves owners attempting to get much work out of their slaves as possible (Rohrer. 1 November 2016) and the lack of respect because of the skin color. Linda is graced by the charms of receiving a kind slave owner in the beginning of her journey as a slave, her perception of slavery is seen as pure and a constructed lifestyle. Linda is inflicted by constant verbal abuse from her next slave owner, and physical altercations happen on rare occasions, although her master swears to not make physical
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