Slaughtering for the Humanness of Horses

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Slaughtering for the Humanness of Horses The closing of slaughterhouses in the United States for horses has resulted in inhumane treatment and gross neglect for thousands of horses. Congressmen, lobbyists, activists, actors, and every day people have petitioned for these death traps to be destroyed, all for the benefit of the horse. The horse, who cannot speak, can only react to his surroundings. The ones to be benefited are the people who see this as cruel, and inhumane; to give them a clear conscious, because they feel endeared to this animal. I, too, am endeared to this animal, but understand that the horse has been put in, an all too often, precarious situation, that even death, cannot come quick enough. Without slaughter facilities within our borders, these horses are being abandoned and starved by owners, who have suffered financial losses and struggle just to feed their families. Horses that are taken to auction, with the hopes of attaining a new owner, are often bought by meat buyers and forced to travel even greater distances, out of the country, to suffer slaughter with practices that are abusive and cruel. Continued over breeding floods the market with horses that do not meet the standards for what purpose they were intended for. By maintaining slaughter houses within the United States treatment of horses can be regulated. In today’s ever depleting economy, the cost of horse ownership continues to be a luxury, but one that’s difficult for some to give up. A horse gives us freedom from the rush of our daily lives, and takes us back to a time that moves in a whisper. In an attempt to prioritize our financial needs, we put off something that we love, hoping in all hopes that “things” will turn around. It is in... ... middle of paper ... Treatment of Wild Horses and Speaks Out Against Horse Slaughter. (2010, January 26). State News Service. Lewis, S. D. (2009, August 6). Horse rescuer eyes rescue for farm. The Detroit News, p. 4A. Nolen, R. S. (2008, ). January 15. AVMA Journal. Retrieved from Sellnow, L. (2008, September 1). Overbreeding. The Horse. Retrieved from Smith, R. (2008, April 7). Illinois lawmaker may seek repeal on horse slaughter. Feedstuffs, 4. The Humane Society of the United States. (2009). Zaborney, M. (2010, January 31). 31 horses rescued; 6 others euthanized near Oak Harbor. Toledo Blade. Retrieved from

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