Slaughterhouse five

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In Kurt Vonnegut's book Slaughterhouse Five, the protagonist , Billy Pilgrim, the remains of a man who has become a traumatized war struck soldier. In creating and developing Billy Pilgrim, the war, along with family influence, shapes how Billy acts in his two different lives: life in the military and life alone. Billy Pilgrim is surely on a mission, because his excessive time travelling doesn’t seem to happen for no reason. Billy circulates around his life even through the moments of capital importance when he seems hopeless. He’s a mind boggling and confused man who tries to play the game of life the way society expects him to but sometimes has the feeling that he was meant for greater things. Vonnegut portrays our protagonist as an archetype, the epitome of a christ-like messiah who has come to save humanity.
Firstly, his last name suggests that he is bound to embark on a divine travel, and "pilgrim" here strongly intimates innocence. He is more like a naïve traveler than a glorious warrior. He is not a conventional war hero. Vo...
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