Slap of Wisdom: A Short Story

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Yongguk…please…I’m begging you, don’t do this… Her voice was still in my head. The images of memories were flashing by. I didn’t know how to feel… Say? Angry? Disappointed? Sad because I lost Mina. Angry because she played with my feelings. Disappointed because I wasn’t expecting it. At least we were best friends… exactly because all of this I didn’t go to work. I had no clue about the situation and wanted to flee from everything. So I went to the vacation house of my parents. Like every time, they weren’t here… Sometimes I blamed myself because I didn’t listen to my parents. I would be a successful business man and I would have never met her…Sung Mina, the daughter of my chef. My head started hurting again, like always when I thought too much. But I wanted to find answers for some questions. Why did I trust Jiho and was doing the same shit as him? Was it a trick to show me that I don’t love her and that I am the same as him? Was I sad about the fact that she had a fake relationship with someone like Jiho? Her old best friend, later first love and then the reason for her first depression? But… Wasn’t I the same? First just friends later best friends than … maybe…no! Impossible! She loved surely Daehyun, but maybe not… I seriously don’t know. But why did I do the same crap as Jiho if I loved her? If I sleep with her, it doesn’t mean that she will be mine forever…actually I lost her forever. I could never look into her eyes again. I did something really bad but why can’t I go to her and beg for forgiveness or tell her dad that he can beat me up until I die… That can’t be a good solution, Mina would be alone in the end with her problems…and I don’t want that she is alone, but isn’t she alone now? I sighed … I’m really an asshole.... ... middle of paper ... ...e changed a lot since her therapy, but I'm sure you will do it and make her happy again.” he lit his cigarette on and offered me a cigarette. It was the first time that we two were smoking together but somehow it was refreshing. He told me the whole plan of Zico and how he found out about it. I controlled the anger in me but I really wanted to kill him at this moment. How could he? Such an egoist. “Yongguk. Show Mina, that you are loving her truly and that you will be always on her side.” Mr. Sung said and threw his cigarette away. He was about to go inside the building but stopped. “Work starts at 6o'clock tomorrow. Don't be late or you will be fired!” he said in a serious ton and went in. Was it a sign, that everything could be good again? A sign, that I can start everything over and change my future, my life and her feelings? I sure was not alone, as I thought.
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