Skyrocketing Market of Energy Drinks

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Over the past years the market for energy drinks has skyrocketed.(Boosting with energy) The reason for this is because the daily schedules and lives of people have become busier giving them less time. People have become more exhausted and tired not being able to carry out daily tasks in life. During the 1960’s a company called Taisho, located in Japan, created the first energy drinks, which eventually spread throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.(The History of Energy Drinks) By 1997 Red Bull was introduced to the Americas and the demand for energy drinks increased rapidly.(The History of Energy Drinks)(Who made that energy drink?) Different brands and companies created new energy drinks containing different substances to fit people's needs. (The Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks)(Bursting with energy) This energy supplement has affected the society positively and negatively. A positive effect of an energy drink is that it can help with alertness and concentration. Energy drinks are also known to have health benefits for some of the substances included in energy drinks. The negative effects of energy drinks consist of the short and long term effects it has on people. Energy drinks are stimulants people can turn to when they are sleepy and need an extra energy boost.(The advantages of Energy drinks) They are cheap, legal, and work fast.(The Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks) Students in school are able to pay more attention in class and are able to increase their grades. Many adults work night shifts and remark that it is difficult for them to stay awake and an energy drink can keep them focused and awake for hours. Caffeine, which is one of the main ingredients in energy drinks, is known to stimulate the central nervous system allowing m... ... middle of paper ... ...ts of sugar, calories, caffeine, and other harmful substances. Energy drinks have become an important substance in society today, and they are being improved to become more healthy for the population. These drinks have enabled people to get the amount of energy needed daily to stay alert and concentrate on their focus point while also having something very convenient, which is a better alternative than drugs or alcohol. The ingredients in energy drinks contain vitamins and fruit healthy for our bodies and can prevent certain health risks. Energy drinks also have consequences because they do not last very long and have many side effects, such as headaches or exhaustion. They are also overused and misused by its customers due to mixing with alcohol or consuming large amounts. Energy drinks have been very important in a person’s daily life since introduced in 1997.

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