Skin Fexity

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Skin toxicity is an adverse skin reaction to the application of essential oils and other substances; includes irritation (inflammation, itching), sensitization (reactions occurring after initial contact), and phototoxicity (increased vulnerability to sun) (medical dictionary). Skin toxicity occurs in many people and may substantially reduce quality of life ( When applying pesticides, it is most likely to come into contact will the skin. Many pesticides can be absorbed through the skin and into the blood, which can cause toxic effects. The amount of pesticide absorbed through the skin may be enough to produce severe reactions and even death (pmep.cce). Avoiding chemicals is hard to do when they are in the items we use everyday. One example of an everyday product is make-up. Make-up is absorbed into our skin when it is put on. Researchers report that one in every eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals. Things that help you look beautiful for the day, can in fact be ruining your skin in the long run. Another common item that contains harmful chemicals is perfume. Many perfume fragrances contain toxic chemicals that can be an issue for respiratory issues. Cleaning products are also everyday products that contain toxins. Ammonia, bleach, and drain cleaners are just a few of the cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals. Plastic water bottles can also be toxic. Plastic water bottles contain bisphenol A, which is a chemical used to make them clear and hard. Bisphenol A has harmful effects including cancer, early puberty, obesity, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Cookware is another example of an everyday item that has toxic chemicals. When non-stick pans are heated up, che... ... middle of paper ... ...ges, fingernails can become ridged and yellow within time. Arsenic poisoning can affect the nervous system and can result in tremors, headaches, and numbness. Other affects from arsenic poisoning may include blood vessel damage, high blood pressure, anemia, stomach upsets, and diabetes. There are special concerns that people should be worried about for their children’s health. Prenatal and early childhood exposures to arsenic may increase the risk of lung cancer and respiratory disease later in their life. Arsenic exposure has also been linked with lower IQ scores in school and may affect learning. Arsenic can be tested by urine samples to see if you have been exposed to it. Arsenic can also be measured by the hair and fingernails within a few months after the first exposure of it. Urine tests may be false if a person has eaten seafood in the past five days (dhs).
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