Skin Color and Barrack Obama

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Color derives from the Latin word colas, which means "a covering" (Lawrence 291). This makes sense because color is something that gives definition to something and gives it a wrapping. For example if someone is colorblind their world is covered by grey, which means technically they are seeing color but just not in the sense normally thought (Stein 291). When normal people see color, the world is seen as having a bright, vibrant, dark, dreary or a combination of coatings to create a stunning effect (Jewell 167). Color is truly a marvelous word, that means much more than simply red or blue. Color is truly a word with infinite meaning.

To understand Color further it is necessary to travel even farther back in time to find out that colas actually comes from the Proto-Indo-European root "kel", which means to cover, to conceit, to save (“color”, 263). This implies that color does not simply drape over something but actually saves the essence of that object and enhances it (Lawrence 291). When color is added to something it is saving the subject and making it new and fresh again without really changing the underneath. It is easy to understand this by thinking of painting a house. When a house's paint chips and crackles it might start to look old and dingy on the outside. If a fresh paint coat is applied all the chips and cracks will go away leaving a house that looks decidedly newer (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition). The structure of the house has not been changed but it amazing how much difference a color change makes.

Obama is like the paint to the white house. This can be compared to the recent election of Barrack Obama entering the white house. The integral structure of the white ho...

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