Skin And Skin: The Body Of The Body

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All the entities, a body, organs have a cover: skin and flesh. Skin is the largest organ of the body that protects the body against external factors: and in this sense, it is most vital amongst other organs. Without tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing, one would exist in a different experiential world, but live without sense of touch at all. The total lack of the sense of touch would be fatal. . . . you find human beings who suffer from blindness or deafness, or no sense of smell, and this does not prevent them from living, nor from succeeding in communicating, perhaps in a somewhat more complicated way, but they do communicate. By contrast, there is no human being without a virtually complete envelope of skin. If one seventh of the skin…show more content…
and effecting the circulation, digestion and the reproduction implicitly. Framing all that the human body encompasses, keeping it upright and functioning , also activating the nervous system by the nerves that lay under are the other functions of the skin. As Montagu and Matson declare: skin is the external nervous system of the organism. Skin is one of the main sources, other than the brain that stimulates the body for sexual arousal and pleasure where the corporal punishments, pain and sufferings are represented on. The skin, while protecting the inside from external disturbances, keeps the disturbances as a memory on itself in the form of skin disorders and/or bruises and wounds. The skin is a reflector, and a mirror that represents the inside and make it visible to eye. According to Didier Anzieu, the skin has three basic…show more content…
They specifically question the experience of touching the one hand with the other. For Husserl, this experience embodies a double sensation: each hand is both perceiver and perceived. “The sensation is doubled in the two parts of the Body, since each is precisely for the other an external thing that is touching and acting upon it, and each is at the same time Body”. This double sensation – being the perceiver and the perceived at the same time is a way to represent the body as an entity itself and also a network to the perceived world. Merleau-Ponty expands the discussion further considering the concept of the ‘reversibility’ of touch – as being the perceiver and the perceived - by thinking the possibility of

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