Skills and Requirements of Professional Educators

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An educator is an individual whose work is to pass the required information to the students. A professional educator is effective in all they do and is responsible for the creation of an interactive learning environment. To do this, an educator should understand the requirements needed to satisfy the goals and objectives of their curriculums as well as the content. As much as the work of an educator is to disseminate the required information to the students, they also ensure that all the expectations of these students are met and if possible exceeded. An educator uses a variety of teaching strategies which includes classroom management to ensure that the purpose of education is achieved. In this paper, I will demonstrate the responsibilities, knowledge and skill required of an effective professional educator.

Review of literature:

A professional educator creates a positive learning environment that is conducive for all the students in the school. To do this, an educator must understand the principles of classroom management and employ these strategies as they interact with the students. The educator applies classroom organization skills to monitor the students mental, physical and social growth. Effective classroom organization skills include planning, communicating and scheduling. Planning helps an educator determine the day to day activities that needs to be carried out. Through communication, an educator tells the students exactly what will be requires of them. Effective communication allows the students to understand the goals and objectives of the curriculums that they are undertaking. Scheduling help in the proper allocation of all the available resources. Effective scheduling helps the educator to fully us...

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