Skills and Qualifications to Become a Physician

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This paper will highlight and explain in detail the various qualifications and skills required to become a physician, and practice as one effectively. Areas covered will include an in depth description of the career including; duties and responsibilities, education and training, employment, salary and job outlook, and characteristics and qualities that make a good physician. A physician is a career of choice for many people seeking a well-paying and reliable job. Also, the benefit of helping to improve countless lives must be taken into account.
Medical Doctors have a vast amount of duties and responsibilities they must perform daily in order to ensure a superlative level of care for all patients. Commitment to professional competence is an essential part of physician responsibility. Physicians must be committed to lifelong learning, and be able to adapt and maintain medical knowledge, and clinical and team skills. More broadly, the profession as a whole must progress to the point that all practicing medicine will be competent and have the mechanisms available to accomplish this goal. Commitment to honesty with patients is another essential role of all physicians. Physicians must make sure that patients are completely and honestly informed before the treatment and after it has occurred. This means that patients should not be involved in every minute decisions regarding their medical care, but be supported to decide on the course of therapy. Whenever patients are injured as a result of medical care, patients should be notified rapidly, because failure to report this could seriously compromise patient and societal trust. Reporting and analyzing medical mal-practice provides the basis for appropriate prevention and improveme...

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.... For example, physicians who specialize in cardiology will see an increased rate in job opportunities.
Doctors have the enormous privilege of touching and changing lives. They have tremendous qualities and characteristics. Doctors must combine conflicting and incomplete information to reach a diagnosis while dealing with uncertainty and protocols that can be very challenging. A doctor must be able to absorb people's pain and anxieties without losing focus, treating patients as a human being rather than a symptom or collection of symptoms. They must be able to takes time to listen and communicate honestly and effectively with patients. To remain calm and proficient when under pressure and still make clear and timely decisions is a must. “A leader who is confident about their standards and holds values and beliefs is essential in every physician.” (Sir Ruben)
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