Skill or Trait!

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Everyone, regardless your race, gender, ethnicity, color, etc… has that one trait, or skill, talent which makes them who they are also known as being unique. Some folks wish they could disappear in other word to be invisible, others are to transform either into a robot or their favorite cartoon characters, and so on… well mines happen to be that I believe I could be anything I put my mind to. It wasn’t something i wished for or anything crazy, but it was something I was blessed with. No one in the entire world knew about my trait or talent. A Sunday morning at nine o’clock I was heading to church. Remind you church starts at nine thirty, in which my house and the church were like fifteen minutes away from each other. That morning I was dressing all nice in my GQ gray suit with my black & white bow tie and my comfortable black Prada dressy shoes looking rather dapper. At the time I was eighteen years old living in my own apartment. As I was heading to church that morning driving on I-95 in my black 1998 Toyota Camry, nothing fancy at all. I was really jamming in other word listening to music. I was having a good time until I realized my not so fancy car started to shake. I then turn the volume of my stereo in the car all the way down to zero. And I carefully drove my car slowly on the side of the road. Now, as I was doing so, I heard something loud similar to an explosion where the engine is. Right then and there I knew my car was done for. After pulling to the side of the road, I walked outside the car, then lift the hood of my car. As I lifted it up a tremendous amount of smoke was coming from the hood of my car. Right then and there my eyes became watery, my nose started running, and I started coughing. To avoid getting sick and... ... middle of paper ... miss anything? Then I had to come to my real senses. I was looking up to the sky searching for ideas, right then and there I remember what Danny said about “you can do anything in this world as long as you believe” as I was looking up I saw this pigeon standing on an electricity wire, then started to wonder if I was a pigeon I don’t think I would have a ride problem. Then I stood up pretend as if I was a pigeon started to jump I noticed the more I believe I can fly the higher I’m getting. So I stop shockingly, I said out loud, I can fly, at this point I had no doubt whatsoever. I quickly walk away from where the pigeon was sitting on the wire; I jumped one last time, next thing I know I was flying my way to school. I had no wings, no cape, nothing weird. Although having these things folks would have found it cool and intrigue but I find even cooler without them.
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